"I have often been asked why I regard my attorneys so highly. Navigating the complexities of my divorce and custody litigation was one of the most difficult challenges of my life. In addition to lending their legal expertise, Haskin and Corrigan were responsive to my inquiries and concerns and were personally supportive. Theirs is a dependable and exceptional practice. The entire staff is competent, reliable and above all caring. I felt that my family and I mattered beyond the invoice. Lyle Haskin and Barbara Corrigan will forever have my respect."



"A good family lawyer is worth its weight in gold. We feel like the richest people in the world since we have been working with Haskin, Corrigan, Tabis & Parravano P.C.. Barbara Corrigan has been there for us for whatever our legal needs, and due to accidents and family issues there have been many. It’s so comforting to know that we have someone we can trust whenever the need for a good lawyer arises."



"Working with Haskin, Corrigan, Tabis & Parravano P.C. has been a wonderful experience. I was referred to them for a home sale and new construction purchase. I came back to them when I needed estate planning. They have been thorough and responsive to all my legal concerns and made me feel like “Family”. I have felt confident referring Haskin, Corrigan, Tabis & Parravano P.C. to my family and friends."



"Lyle and Barbara were recommended to me by a friend...H & C actually represented her ex-husband through a divorce!  Lyle handled my divorce, Barbara a restraining order, real estate transactions, as well as updating my will. Not only is their team top notch and professional, you will benefit from their wealth of experience about probable outcomes and receive guidance to protect yourself. I believe this firm to be the best I could have retained and have recommended them to others. Although of course ours is a business relationship, I believe their team cares about me and my family and will fight for me resulting in the best possible outcome. This is an experienced and trustworthy firm you want by your side."


Respect of the client, honesty and

meet the lawyers

Lyle Haskin
brings a wealth of experience & knowledge to the practice with more than 40 years of law and litigation >>>
Barbara Corrigan
has more than 20 years of concentration in family law, estate planning, appeals, and more >>>
Bruno  W. Tabis, Jr.
has distinguished himself with his legal expertise and experience in handling disputes for more than 40 years >>>

Tonya M. Parravano
brings a wealth of experience and legal expertise with financial institutions and small businesses  >>>

earned his J.D. from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago. He began his career at... >>>